About us

At MeetingPoint Partnership we share a passion to help people perform and thrive in their roles and for organisations to become the best that they can be.

We have first-hand experience within a range of industries – so appreciate the struggles and dilemmas of leading within a complex changing environment.

For over a decade Meetingpoint Partnership has helped people and organisations achieve results. Our strengths are in our ability work with our clients to jointly diagnose aspects of the organisation which contribute to and detract from successful outcomes, understand which organisational levers create change, and create high impact solutions that work.

Our market offerings are tried and tested across sectors and our name, MeetingPoint Partnership, provides some clues on how we like to work – we engage with you at your starting point and walk with you on the journey.

  • ‘Meetingpoint Partnership has been closely involved with our business for over 10 years providing a high quality and engaging consulting and facilitation service, particularly in leadership development – the very pragmatic and adaptable approach has been central to our partnership.’

    Bill Gately, Chief Human Resources Officer, Arrium Mining and Materials

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  • ‘We’ve had very good experience with Meetingpoint Partnership working with our broad leadership group on the development of skills, particularly in safety. We have an ongoing relationship that’s giving us very good value.’

    Rob Freeman, Chief Executive Officer, Anglican Retirement Villages

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  • ‘Janet and the team brought a unique and compelling approach to our Leadership forum. The use of actors and real life scenarios was engaging and enabled the right conversations and learning experience.’

    Jayne Whitney, Group General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Tenix Pty Ltd

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We’d love to hear about your business challenges.

To explore ways we can add value, call Janet on 0418 441 239