Executive coaching and coaching programs

Bringing out the best in people

If coaching leads to increased motivation and business results, why don’t we do it?

When line managers coach they engage people for the challenges ahead and harness the best thinking for the business. In so doing, they provide a realistic stretch their people and maximise their contributions for the organisation. All very important for the future of Australian business where employee engagement is a key aspect on which current and future talent will select their employer.

Meetingpoint Partnership provide two services in this area.

  1. Provision of Executive Coaching to Senior Managers

While coaching focusses primarily on an Executive, the nature and scope of the coaching challenge can benefit from other key stakeholders providing their perspectives on the coachees behaviour. These stakeholders can include the Executive’s manager, his/her direct reports, & colleagues across the organisation.

We work with the client to determine which stakeholders will be in a position to offer a useful perspective on current performance and gather such data via interviews. We ensure all stakeholders are clear on the ground rules for confidentiality in order to encourage all parties to work with integrity and we establish a coaching contract which is agreed by all once specific goals have been established.

Activities during and between coaching sessions focus specifically on achieving the agreed goals (we recognise that goals often change during an intervention).

We recognise that successful coaching requires both a sound methodology and expert improvisation. Using data gathered from the assessment phase of the process, the coach engages the Executive in discussion and activities designed to:

  • enhance self-awareness around the impact of typical behaviours.
  • learn skills, build competencies, change behaviours, and achieve results.

During the coaching sessions, learning tools and activities may include, but are not limited to, purposeful conversation, rehearsal and role-plays, videotaping, supportive challenge & relevant reading. A typical coaching intervention lasts between 6-12 months with meetings at regular 2-3 weekly intervals.

  1. Coaching Programs (GAP and GROW)

We provide two types of stand-alone coaching programs for managers; running over one or two days. The programs introduce leaders to the business case for coaching, what the style looks like and the place of coaching alongside other essential leadership styles.

We incorporate one or both of the following Coaching models in our programs.

GAP coaching (a model informed from work undertaken by Richard Boyatsis), and best summarised as identifying the specific behaviour(s) which derail delivery of business outcomes and motivating someone to change this behaviour by the use of behavioural feedback. In addition, GAP coaching re-affirms the coachees strengths and skills in order to provide balanced motivating feedback.

GROW coaching (Sir John Whitmore and others) the GROW model provides a simple but powerful tool to elicit, identify and maximised inner capability through a framework of coaching questions.

Our programs can focus on one or both of the above models. Our programs equip participants to coach effectively by giving them practice within live case studies tailored for the organisation. Our programs also provide participants with an assessment of the extent to which they are seen to use the coaching style and show based on evidence how coaching fits with other high performance styles of leadership. Corporate actors bring the coaching challenges to life and enable real practice. Feedback is given by our accredited facilitators.

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