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Bringing leadership to life

“Practice makes Perfect” – or so the saying goes. In sport and music activities, it’s a familiar refrain. Do we apply the same principle to leadership? Do we genuinely afford our leaders supervised practice of their skills, in a quest to help them be better at what they do?

Our philosophy is that conversation is the everyday currency of organisations and we believe that if we can shift the quality of the conversations that take place, we can transform the organisations themselves, not only in terms of how they work but in what they are able to achieve.

Meetingpoint Partnership’s leadership program provides an opportunity for leaders to obtain mastery of key conversations that are key to an organisations success and practice these in “real” work situations.

Our program is tailored to your organisation and simulates common situations that are challenging for leaders especially during a time of change.

We use corporate actors to replicate the specific leadership challenges in your environment. Corporate actors enable the actors to become a believable person in your business, speaking your language, on your issues.

The program is constructed to give participants an opportunity to first recognise and understand the component parts of each leadership behaviour (skills and a roadmap for the conversation) and secondly practice at demonstrating these in their interaction with the actors in character.

Typically, these scenarios include opportunities to:

  • win hearts and minds to a new way of doing business or way of working (the art of story telling).
  • translate the organisations strategic challenges to team members so they understand why change is required, what will be different, the implications to team members and finally, get involved in generating input and ideas on how this can be made to work.
  • give balanced fair feedback to help someone know where they stand against job requirements.
  • hold a clear “I position” to ground an organisations core values and engage others into behaving in line with these.
  • identify why someone is not delivering required job outcomes, analyse which behaviour is lacking, and coach them to want to change their behaviour.

Figure 1 summarises the program content summarised in two steps.

If a leadership competency framework exists within an organisation our program can help participants recognise and understand it and provide an opportunity for participants to receive 360 assessment data on how they stand against this framework.

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