Top team effectiveness

Delivering strategy through people

It has been said in many different ways that execution eats strategy for lunch! We are experienced in working with senior teams, helping them to become more effective, both in terms of how they work together to achieve business outcomes and what they focus on within meetings as a shared agenda. This work tends to be conducted in the context of growth and/or business transformation, where the effectiveness of the team working as an efficient, unified unit is paramount.

The work although different in each client context, generally includes some of the following aspects.

  • Facilitation of processes with teams, which support the team to clarify the business strategy. Alongside this work we help identify those internal factors which may affect the ability to successfully deliver the strategy.
  • We help teams to become more aligned on the key actions required to grow and transform their organisation. We work with teams to surface and resolve differences of view which can stand in the way of successful execution.
  • Our process includes relevant research on what makes teams effective. We help the team diagnose its relative strengths and weaknesses against proven characteristics – factors which both help and inhibit a teams ability to create and execute strategy. Our process facilitation encourages individuals and the team overall to overcome personal and group blocks which prevent information sharing, effective exploration of creative options, effective decision-making and momentum management.
  • On-going team coaching forms part of our approach to improving performance and sustaining higher levels of team effectiveness, This may include a Meetingpoint Partnership consultant attending several meetings following the development event to help the team embed the new ways of working.

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